Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Best of The News

Best News Hour on TV - A Tie

The "Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and "Meet The Press with Tim Russert." Watching these two shows is enough, its all you need. Everything else is just white noise and spin. Especially the "shows" that claim "no spin." There is more truth in the comedy of the Daily Show and more comedy in the truth of Meet the Press than all the other shows combined.

Best New Addition to the Airwaves -

Air America Radio and in particular the Al Franken and Randi Rhodes shows. Insightful, smart, funny, and full of the truths that most Americans blind themselves to and shrug their shoulders at. Sometimes over the top, sometimes grating in a whiny liberal kind of way, but overall 2005 was the year Air America grew up and become relevant

Worst Departure from the Airwaves - Howard Stern. Love him (I do) Hate him, whatever. The man changed radio, he changed American cultures and was a genuine warrior in the fight for free speech. It will be interesting to see if his draw is large enough to change satellite radio the way he changed terrestrial radio.

Best News Magazine - The Week - What a brilliant concept. Take excepts from all the best newspapers and magazines in the world and present all sides and points of view on the week's biggest topics using them. Not to mention the addictive "real Estate Steals" section, the quotations section and the last page. If I could only read one magazine a week, this is it.