Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Oh you look so beautiful tonight.
In the city of blinding lights - U2

Extremes. Lights flashing, shades in the night, ringing bells, blue eyeliner fright.

Buffets, and Spago, $1 tables, drunks rollin. A dispatch from stop #4 on my 2005/6 world tour.

I've been in Las Vegas since Friday and will be here until Saturday. No human being should endure more three days in Vegas. For eight I deserve combat pay. Oh sure, its fun, in between working I have been out partying, gambling, carousing, winning money, losing money, spending money, making money.

Everything's for sale baby. Good food, bad lines. I don't think that in writing about Vegas I could add to the cannon of wisdom already out there.

I feel disconnected from the rest of the world here, but isn't that what fantasies are all about?

Completed Tour Stops to date:

St. Louis
Kansas City
Las Vegas