Monday, October 24, 2005

Please help.

Although I work very hard on a daily basis to help people in need, I have never used my blog for that purpose, but today, I am going to make an exception to my self-imposed rule and ask for your help.

Ting Chen is a young Chinese woman who was going to school in England. Last week her father, who came to the U.S. 10 years ago from China, when she was just a little girl(so that he could save enough to send her to school someday) was shot and killed in the Bronx.

He was working as a delivery man for a restaurant. The kllers shot him in cold blood. Ting Chen was stranded in England until Senators Clinton and Schumer expedited a VISA for her to come to NY. He mother is in China and has no money. Her father, who she had not seen in 10 years is dead and the $15,000 he took ten years to save is being spent on her airfare, shipping his body back to China and the funeral and related costs.

Her future and her education are very much in doubt.

Through the New York Daily News and NY city council member John Liu I have started a fund to help her continue her education and have a shot at a great life.

We have raised more than $1,000 so far.

I have spoken extensively with the woman who is looking after Ting Chen.

She has received word from me through this woman that there are people thinking of her and who care about her future. She was very pleased to hear this.

If you can send any donations that would be great. But I also know that you all have more than money to offer. So if you have any thoughts, cards, flowers, balloons, small gifts or love you can send it would be great too.

This city and country took her father away, let's give her something back.

Please email me if you are sending something so that I have a count on what is going and the woman I am working with and I can make the proper arrangement for their receipt.

Please send cards, checks etc. to:

Ting Chen
Councilman Liu
250 Broadway #1868
New York, NY 10007

From: YOUR NAME and Michael Z

Thank you everyone.