Friday, September 16, 2005

-President Chimp has apparently just discovered that there is poverty and racism in America. Wow, he has been forced to look at his rule from a domestic point of view. Do you think he will also realize the rest of the world is surpassing us in technology, education, math and science and that will be our downfall while he and his supporters and obsessed with war and the bible?

-I have found in my life that often there are things that are so precious to me, so meaningful to my life and so influential on what I think and do, that they are really inseparable from who I am.

And then these things get really popular, and you feel as if they have been stolen from you and corrupted by mass appeal, acceptance and use. Not all of the things that are precious to me that have been co-opted make me feel this way, but many do. It drives me insane sometimes.

-I'm in Minneapolis for the next 4 days on business. Lots of alone time in my hotel room, lots of time to think, reflect and assess. I wonder what there is to do here.