Thursday, September 08, 2005

Okay! I surrender. You caught me. And I would have gotten away with worldwide food bastardization if it wasn't for you meddling kids.

Marketing or culturally imperialistic propaganda? Nutrition, news, lifestyles, newsletters, bribes, country specific seduction. A creepy clown and a burger stealing thief as cultural ambassadors? Whoa! Maybe those stone throwers in Seattle and Bologna were on to something.

Here are three of McDonald's country specific web sites. I am not sure which one creeps me out more, the Saudi Arabian One: (What's the theme song? - Ba da ba ba ba I'm Lovin' Allah) the picture, state and religion required on applications, or the strange "community initiatives."

The Japanese one (are those flying rabbits? how cute Ronald san) or India's - Do you want a Chicken Maharaja sandwich? Because cows are sacred and its the best we (a hamburger chain) could come up with?

Other Indian Menu items: McAloo Tiki, Veg McCurry Pan, Panner Salsa Rap.

My God, its not just the spread of McDonald's. Its the McDonaldization of world food. What's next, McSpaghetti and McMeatBalls, McKielbasa, McCeviche? McSushi?




Oh yeah and here is the suit that prompted the love from the homeless man.