Monday, September 19, 2005

Notes from Minneapolis

-So far all the food here has been very good. I ate at a nice sushi place called Nami, a Spanish fusion restaurant called Nochee and an excellent seafood place called Oceanaire, in the Hyatt Hotel.

-There is an institutionalized racist plot within the Minneapolis low end food and drink industry. There is a place called "Dagos and Liquor." Its a sandwich shop and liquor store. There are other "Dago" joints all over the northeast part of town. Apparently there is a sandwich here called a "Dago."

I asked five people if they knew what the term "dago" meant beyond a sandwich. All of them were shocked and amazed that Dago is a term of disparagement against (what they pronounce as) Eye-Talians.

-A bar down the street from "Dagos" serves a fruity cocktail called a "Fu Man Chu" that is served in a cup shaped in the face of the stereotypical, old-fashioned exaggerated, buck toothed, pencil-mustachioed "chinaman."

I was shocked. SHOCKED I TELL YOU.

Last night in town, work almost done, fly home tomorrow to the city of culturally sensitive libations and "subs."