Saturday, August 20, 2005

One of my greatest wishes in life is perhaps not an uncommon one for the daydreamy, lover of old things, "what was it like then?" set. That is to be able, for just a short amount of time, to be able to visit places from the past for a view on what it was like then.

As someone who is nearly obsessed with history, ancient cultures, antiquities and all things old, it would be a dream come true. Of course this will never happen, so I engage in reading, archaeology, study, interpretation and collecting to sate this need. But if I could spend a day in 5 urban places from the past they would be:

-Egypt 2500 B.C.

-Rome 50 A.D.

-London 1870 A.D.

-Athens 400 B.C.

-Xi'an China 100 A.D.

How about you? And why? And keep a lookout for HBO's "ROME" starting on August 28.