Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The latest addition to "Windows on The World" is up, Ian's lovely B.A., Argentina vista. There is a really lovely collection of pictures from around the world on there now.

They are much better than those red dots on a beige map. If you want to send a picture for 'Windows" please do.

-Send to

-Try and send a picture from a window in your home or workplace or a vista from your town or city

Speaking of pictures, a few days ago I posted about the new networking site Well, I did it, I went ahead and sent in a picture and a profile...and, I AM BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Somehow even though I listed all my completely geeky interests, I made it in. So I am now one of 2,000 out of 25,000 to make it in so far. I'd like to thank my parent's without their genes this never could have been possible.

Now I am going to have some fun playing on this things and seeing what its really all about.