Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hello friends and readers. I have an unusual request (at least I think it is in blogging terms) for you all.

Three months ago I opened the doors of my own company. Its called China BrightStar and we are a Chinese/American joint venture. We do manufacturing, sourcing and consulting. I worked for a year to get he company built (after having worked in the China business for a while) and I am happy to report we are off to a great start.

Now for my request for help.

I have noticed that my blog shows up at the top of Google searches for things like "skinny legs" "skinny legs and all" "the clash." Why? Because Google puts results on the top of the page based mostly on how many other sites are linked to yours.

Thus, since this blog is so well linked I show up all over the place.

I was hoping that some of you would, at least for a little while, somewhere in your blog, link to my business' web site. I hope this doesn't come across as crass or in appropriate (it may well be, I don't know). But it would be a huge help in drawing some attention to my business and getting some eyeballs on my site.

Thanks. The site is: