Tuesday, August 23, 2005

"Feminism encourages women to "kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians."

Pat Robertson, August 22, 2005 - Stated in the same 700 Club broadcast where he advocates the US assassinating Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (a very Christian notion eh?).

Damn you uppity women. You avoid having babies by using contraception, you move into the workplace, you win the right to vote, you can get abortions and NOW THIS!! Witches, the lot of you are witches, I knew it. Baby killing, commie, lesbian witches. If it weren't an abomination in God's eyes I might turn gay because of you evil breast toting jezebels.

The next 3 years will be one big schadenfreude fest for me. I will enjoy watching the misery and fall from grace of a once great country and people. Hahahahahahah. Suck it fried twinkie eaters, your time has come. I know, go to another bible study class, that should help. Hahahahahaha.

Its really hard for me to take America and Americans in general seriously anymore.

Crazy, ignorant, regressive, backwards, lazy whiners. Wahhhh, gas prices are too high, but I voted for Bush again.

WAHHHHH NO PIZZA! WAHHHHHH It takes $200 to fill my tank. WAHHHHHH We went bankrupt and lost our superpower status due to a pointless, costly and unwinnable war in the Middle East, just like the commies in 89 WAHHHHHH.

WAHHHHH I live in a country where one ten year old was successfully sued for giving another 10 year old a purple nurple. WAHHHHH They HATE Freedom, WE LOVE FREEDOM! WAHHHHH I am a fat ignorant cletus who has voted my self out of a decent life. WAHHHHHHH.

Saddam was behind 9/11 WAHHHH. My baseball heroes were juiced up on roids WAHHHH. I read at a 6th grade level WAHHHH. I joined a militia to protect our borders from the beaners WAHHHHH.

I am sure that evil, lesbian, commie, child killing witches are behind all this.