Tuesday, July 12, 2005

New York, New York.

My friends and neighbors;

Michelle - She is my Chinese masseuse. Short, a little chubby and always happy, she knows every trouble spot on my back and shoulders and giggles when I practice my Mandarin with her.

James - My doorman, he's from West Africa, always smile, and is always studying for the night classes he takes.

Carlos - Owns the pizza place next door. He makes awesome pizza and great Italian food. I still don't believe he is from Mexico.

Judith - Lives next door, and is my only noisy neighbor. Fortunately for me the only noise she makes is the classical piano she plays three nights per week for about two hours. She says its relaxes her. It relaxes me too as I try to listen through the wall while lying in bed.

Mr. Luigi - A skinny, grizzled, stubbly old Italian man. He walks the streets in a dirty plaid shirt, circa 1975 brown slacks, and is often seen with a beer in his hand. He tends the grapevines in the front and back courtyards of his building. He looks borderline homeless. He is worth millions. He owns 12 apartment buildings.

Ron - Another doorman. We have a very close and cordial relationship. Its a rare moment when we ever say more than "wassup" to each other. I tipped him better than the rest this Christmas.