Monday, July 11, 2005

How does the real world work?

NY Times reporter Judith Miller goes to jail for not revealing her source on the Valerie Plame/Robert Novak/Bush Staffer outing.

Time Magazine gives up its sources and notes to the judge who demanded them.

Why? Time Warner has their proposed acquisition of bankrupt cable provider Adelphia, in front of the FCC for review. The FCC chief, appointed by Bush would deny the acquisition if Time did not give up its sources.

In other notes:

I love New York on the weekends in the Summer. I have the whole city to myself it seems.

I hauled in another load of antiquities at the auction house on Saturday.

I saw Somerset Maughm's "The Constant Wife" with Kate Burton and Lynn Redgrave yesterday. A really sharp, witty and devastatingly prescient and funny look at the meaning of fidelity and marriage.