Friday, July 29, 2005


They say that there are only three things in life that motivate people, Sex, Power and Money, and that by tapping into a person's desire for any one of them or any combination of them is what drives them to act.

This is certainly true in the media, in that when a story's foundation is Sex, Power or Money, you are sure the story will be covered ad-nauseum.

And so it happens again. The latest story getting coverage in the media is about yesterday's launch of BEAUTIFULPEOPLE.NET. Taking their format cues from networking sites like FRIENDSTER and MYSPACE, BPN takes things one step further.

It is an invitation only site. Hopefuls submit pictures of themselves and some background information about who they are and what they do. Members then vote on whop to admit into the club. Wherein members are free to flirt, talk, network and date.

I find the site and the concept to be an interesting set piece for an examination of how looks, having the gift of gab with an ability to make yourself know through writing and pedigree matter in establishing social contacts, romantic contacts and one's place in society. Its is even more interesting to see how a concept as old as history is being translated into a new media and a new paradigm.

The site had its origins in a Danish version and one woman there applied more than 50 times before she was accepted. I wonder if I should submit and see if I make the grade?

Power, money, sex, we want to think we are above such base motivators but they do move us to action in ways we are not always even conscious of. Now, I need to pick out some really good pictures.