Friday, July 08, 2005

After accounting for all my friends and loved ones in London yesterday, I started to look for pictures of the Tavistock Square bus bombing site.

I went to London in December with two aims, to see The Pogues at Brixton Academy and to do a Charles Dickens pilgrimage. My hotel turned out to be the Marriott on Tavistock Square. When I arrived there I noticed that there was a plaque on the building directly across the street from the hotel.

The blue plaque identified the building as being on the spot of Charles Dickens' second house in London. His first was a few blocks away and is now the home of the Dickens Museum.

I thought it incredible my hotel should be right across the street from his first home. When I head of the bus bombing yesterday, I knew it was nearby and looked for pictures that would confirm just how close. Today I found one.

It turns out the bombing of the bus took place right in front of the hotel and the plaque across the street.

The place where I stood eight months ago and rubbed my hands on the wall of the building and traced the letters of the plaque with my fingers, was now covered in blood, shrapnel and tears.

The above picture shows the spot where I stood. And the plaque commemorating Dickens home.