Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Today is International Web Logging Day.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank some people.

Thank you to Mr. Teacher for introducing me to the blog world and convincing me that what I had to say should be shared. I only started this in October but it has become a great new part of my life.

Thank you to Beelzebabe for being my first ever commenter and first person to link to me.

Thank you to Darth and Arethusa for being early supporters of my efforts and a help when in times of need.

Thanks to MDB, Bella, Popjunkie, Mr. Underhill for their early participation and encouragement and for crossing the gap from the evil red board.

Thank you to Tara for being a support in my literary endeavors.

Thank you to BeesKnees for being a free spirit and and having a great punk mind.

Thank you Glitzy for the wonderful keychain.

Thank you Siana for being so cute and sexy and free. Thank you to La Chat Noir and Tigerlily for being so smart.

Thank you to Jo-Anne for being so honest.

Thank you to everyone who has commented on my blog and shared their passions, thoughts, intellects, humor and ethos with me. This is an interactive forum and without that interaction I may as well keep a written private journal. Your visits, links, blogs and suggestions have enriched me, entertained me, taught me and helped me in so many ways.

Here's to another year of blogging.