Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The strangest thing happened yesterday on my flight from New York to Minneapolis. I sitting comfortably in my window seat looking out over the miles of unbroken farmland rolling beneath us. The sun was shining, the clouds wispy and white, the ground green, very peaceful.

Then, it happened.

Off to the left, about 500 yards away, a frightening and inexplicable sight I beheld. Breaking open in the blue sky a hole about 10 feet in diameter opened. It was black and deep and then a bolt of lightening shot out. I then heard what sounded like the loudest belch ever and out of the black hole shot 2 socks.

They came barreling toward the plane and then started a free fall downward only a few feet from making contact with us.

I think I witnessed the answer to two age-old mysteries. Where socks go when they disappear from your load of laundry and why we sometimes see them lying lonely on the side of the road.