Sunday, May 15, 2005

I've been very interested in Darth and Arethusa's web broadcasts for a while now. I think its a pretty neat way of expanding the horizons and uses of the blogosphere.

So, in doing a little creative reflection I came up with an idea that I don't think has been tried before, and would love to take a shot at it.

What I love about blogs are their interactive nature. At least that is what I enjoy most about writing this one. Here's my idea for experimental blogging experience.

I am going to make a CD about 30 minutes in length. Anyone who wants to participate can email me their address and I will mail them the CD.

On a scheduled evening, everyone logs onto my blog and at the given time starts playing the CD. While the CD is playing in your home, I will be working some magic on my blog.

It will be a live A/V piece that has a soundtrack, images and the ability for us to all write and react as it goes on. I look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to participate.

-Also, please keep sending your pictures in for Windows on the World (my photo page of people's hometown views that I use instead of the RED DOT PIN CUSHION thing).