Thursday, May 12, 2005

I collect antiques, antiquities, rare books and newspapers, prints and native artwork from around the world. Searching for, finding and acquiring these things is one of the great passions and joys of my life.

I do not collect really big ticket items but I do have some fairly valuable pieces that I either acquired cheaply or that have appreciated in value.

But the truth is that their monetary value is of no concern or importance to me except in terms of what will it take to acquire something I love and feel a real attachment to.

I love these objects of human creativity because they are my ticket to the time travel express. Through them I move freely between the present and the past. Through them I feel connected to the people, cultures, thoughts and dreams of all the people who came before me.

I focus on pieces that are extensions of the cultures, art, spirituality, histories, places and things I love.

I never fool myself into thinking that I own them. I know that I simply exchanged some paper that I earned by working hard for a chance to be a temporary caretaker.

The ring on my right index finger was crafted the middle of the second century AD, probably between 100-150. Its a gold ring with a cornelian stone centerpiece featuring the "Aquila" the Roman Eagle that was the standard of the Empire. It was probably worn by a Roman officer or statesmen.

I look down on it and think about how many hands touched this ring, how many people wore it, how I am now holding the great responsibility of seeing it safely through a few more years until someone else who loves and understands it keeps its care.

This is how I feel about all my pieces. Each one brings me to a different place and time, brings me a little closer to someone or something I have studied, admired, and felt a part of.

Here are some pictures of a few of my pieces.

Thanks to Bella_by_Barlight and here pictorial bios for inspiration.