Monday, May 16, 2005

-I am very grateful to all of the bloggers who have me linked on their page, but I must admit it saddens me that because my blog name starts with an "S" I am at the bottom of everybody's list.

Maybe I should change the name of my blog to: AAAAAA+Escorts. AAAA+Auto and Air. AAAAA+++AAAAA Chinese No. 1 Kitchen. Aaron and Anthonys Holy Land Souveneirs.

-Is anyone else laughing because the woman who tried the finger scam at Wendy's got caught because the finger wasn't cooked?

Please, people, cook the body part if you are to try this play. Not exactly Newman and Redford in THE STING here.

-Why the fuck does blogger's spell check flag BLOG and BLOGGERS?

-I have an amazingly packed schedule this week.

-My first private Mandarin lesson tonight. Time to clean up my tones and bad grammar and really learn the language.
-U2 on Wed. night.
-Friend in town Thursday.
-My Birthday on Friday.
-Dinner with friends Saturday.

And about 8,000 other things during each of those days. Shit, I'm a lucky bastard.