Saturday, March 05, 2005

You kind of suck, but I'll marry you anyway.

According to a story from Friday's Reuters wire, a recent survey was taken in Singapore that showed that among 716 couples interviewed who planned to wed 39% were unhappy in their relationships and only 14% said they were "very happy" with their partners Wha wha what?

The article went on to say: "In contrast, U.S. couples ready to tie the knot painted a far more blissful picture with nearly half of 1,000 surveyed indicating they were very happy in their relationships."

Far more blissful? 50% very happy? See, this is where Jerry Springer and COPS get their best material from. Unhappy people + marriage + liquor + guns = great TV.

These people are planning on getting married? Shouldn't 100% of them be VERY HAPPY in their relationship? Isn't 14% and 50% well, just a little shy of the mark in deciding to move forward with marriage? And 39% were downright unhappy but going forward anyway?

Now that women are liberated and men have Internet porn, aren't the most basic traditional needs to found in marriage available outside the institution. You know, in case you haven't found the person you are "very happy" with?

"I'm surprised so many premarital Singaporean couples are not as happy with their relationships but are still planning to get married." This is David Olsen, the author of the study commenting on the phenomenon. Well David, I'm surprised too.

If any of you can shed some light on this for me, please do.