Tuesday, March 08, 2005

THINGS I THINK I THINK - The Science ain't no fiction edition

-I think I think that my passion for the realms of spirituality and science and my firm belief that they are complimentary and not exclusive of each other are merging more and more not only in my mind.

Some of the greatest minds in the world, mostly physicists, are using "string theory" (the idea that the universe is made up of sub-sub-sub atomic unknowns that vibrate in a billion different ways) to find the "Unification" of a single theory for the explanation on how everything in the universe works. Science wants to go from having 1,000 explanations of how things work, what the universe is made of and what makes it go, down to one UNIFIED explanation. This was the last thing Einstein worked on before he died.

So, the world's best scientists are looking for a single, unifying explanation for the existence of the universe, the earth and human beings. Sounds an awful lot like "primitive" deisim to me. Or perhaps it is akin to mythology? Perhaps the professor I met in Israel who wrote a book about how the creation myth in Genesis and Darwinism actually make sense taken together.

Einstein said, art, religion and science are all branches of the same tree.

-I think I think Orwell only scratched the surface.

70 - That is the number of times the average New Yorker is caught on camera daily.

300 - That is the number of times the average Londoner is caught in camera daily.

Radio Frequency Chips - Will soon replace bar codes and be implanted in clothing, groceries and people for sales, tracking and identification.

Face Mapping - cameras are already being used for crowd surveillance and security.

Big Brother is not the other, he is us.