Monday, March 28, 2005

-Okay, so MsBeesKnees, Jo in Japan and Siana have sent in their pictures for "Windows on the World." What are you waiting for? For those not in the know, I have created a page of pictures for my fellow bloggers. Rather than using those red pin points to show where people are, I am using actual pictures of where they are hopefully a picture from your work, home window or just a picture you took in your hometown)

So if you would like please send one in. You can link to the page using the link under my picture.

-Friday night I had the pleasure of meeting one of our fellwow Bloggers, Glitzier Numerary ( She was in NYC with her beloved man Mr. U. We had a lovely time over drinks and food. She is a real sweetheart and they are a great couple.

I hope to meet more of you good people in the future.

-For those who have asked, yes, I will be blogging from China. I will be using this forum to chronicle my month-long trip.