Friday, February 04, 2005


-I think I think that on Monday, when I am in the same room as Catherine Zeta Jones, I will do my best to brush up real close to her, and rub myself against her, just so that I can die knowing my penis touched her.

-I think I think that New York, even after its whitewashing in the 90s is still a great place to explore sex and sexuality. If you dig it, its here. Gay, straight, pain, trannies and troubadours, furries, amateurs, blow jobs, fetishists, fairies, beasties, bears, casting, catfighting balloons, spanking, sucking, smoking, midgets, models, hustlas, playas, peep shows, Scores, Meow Mix, threesomes, foursomes, moresomes, intellectuals with hard rimmed glasses, hipsters, goths, interracial, BBW, men in suits, men in tights, vampires, white, black, hispanic, indian, polish, russian, italian, jewish, japanese, chinese, korean, ukrainian, english, irish.

Whatever makes you hard or wet, its here. So, please support the city in our not totally shaken off 9/11 malaise, Come here and have sex.