Monday, February 28, 2005

THINGS I THINK I THINK - The entertainment edition.

-I think I have watched my last Oscar broadcast. That was the most boring, uninspired, insipid, least substantial, unfunny and unentertaining piece of crap I have ever seen. Chris Rock was meanspirited and unfunny. Seeing the Johnny Carson clips reminded that class and humor once existed. There was a 1 hour 15 minute wait between awards for actors, just brutal.

-I think I think that Itunes and my Ipod have led to me spending more on music in the last 9 months than I spent in the previous ten years.

-I think I think that March 14, yet another little dream is going to come true for me. I think I think that every day I profess my gratitude that I have everything I need and even some of the stuff I want. Not only will I be a guest at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction, but Bruce Springsteen is inducting U2. This is going to be a GREAT jam session.