Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Wow, what a night. I don't even know where to begin. The Red Ball was as much fun and as glamorous as I was hoping it would be, just a fantastic night.

The party itself was for a great cause, it benefited the Children's Advocacy Center in New York, the only organization of its kind, benefiting abused children. The event is held by the great Broadway (Chicago, La Cage Aux Falles) and Hollywood producer Marty Richards, my entre' to the party. The honoree was Richard Gere and the Chair was Catherine Zeta Jones.Of course as many of you know, a few weeks ago I posted how I was totally hot for CZJ, and then the next week the invite for this party arrived and I felt the power of Karma all over the place. Well, I wasn't disappointed, more on that later.

It began at 6:30 p.m. when I was picked up in a sleek, shiny Lincoln limousine. I was dropped off at the entrance to the Pierre hotel where I was greeted by a line of violinists on the stairway entrance to the ball. Very classy, very pretty.

The cocktail hour was spent being introduced to a great number of people who were for one reason or another very rich and very "important." I never heard of most of them but all seemed pleasant enough. The only two women I met who I knew were Christine Baranski (who looked awesome) and the legendary Broadway actress Carol Shelley.

So, after all the ceremony, the partying began. About an hour later, I saw an opening. I went over to Catherine and introduced myself to her. I brought up some stuff about Wales, she invited me to sit down and we chatted and talked and I was in Heaven. She was beautiful, polite, gracious and totally indulged me.

Later in the evening I asked former Bond girl and wife of Richard Gere, Carey Lowell if I could have a dance. She said yes and I danced a Waltz with a Bond girl. Then Richard cut in and the music picked up, we danced some more. During a lull I got to talking to him about my path in Buddhism, we had an amazing chat on the subject.

The night wound down and I was exhausted. Great food, great clothes, great conversation, great pictures and all for a great cause. As I said to Ms. Jones when I introduced myself, I am not rich or famous, I'm just here to support the cause and have a great time, which I did.