Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Okay, the new section of the blog is set up. Its called Windows on the World and you can find the link under my picture. So, please , email me those pictures taken from your home, office or any other window in your world and I'll get you on the map.


Now, on to business. All of you can now prepare the firing squads, the flames, the insults and the questioning of my sanity and taste. Put me in the hole and bury me alive if you will. What crime am I committing to deserve such a fate?

Here it is. My confession. I just finished reading 100 YEARS OF SOLITUDE and I found it to be absolutely horrendous. Tedious, forced, boring, a poor imitation of Faulkner's stream style infused with a scattershot pseudo surrealism that most take for whimsy and magic. Horrific caricatures instead of characters, I can't find enough bad things to say about this book.

I am a seasoned reader and writer. I have read thousands of books, some of the most difficult in the world as a matter of fact. I have read literature produced from every corner of the globe, in several languages an am at least an above average thinker in terms of World lit. So, after years of people extolling the virtues of this ""masterpiece"" I decided to read it.

I forced myself to finish it and never felt so relieved to put down a book as when I finished it. Good God. I am going to reread Paradise Lost, The Inferno and Bleak House this week just to cleanse my literary palette.