Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Well, rather than make a list of resolutions, I will just post my year in review. Be thankful for my abundance of good fortune and list some highlights.

1. Excellent mental, physical and spiritual health. I had everything I needed and so much that I wanted. My gratitude is boundless.

2. Great travels. I made it to:

China (twice)

2. Success in my profession. Things in the China trade business have remained hot and work has been exciting, challenging and profitable.

3. Added some spectacular pieces to my antiquities collections including a Roman coin with Claudius minted 60 A.D. and a 3500 year old Egyptian Eye of Horus.

4. Climbed Mt. Vesuvius

5. Hiked on a glacier 8,000 feet altitude.

6. Met leading scholars on Charles Dickens at the Dickens House.

7. Rome, Florence, Naples, Amalfi, nuff said.

8. Saw my friends prosper and build families.

9. Became close again with my oldest and best friend.

10. Saw my family healthy and prosper and saw my sister married.

11. Saw The Pogues in London.

12. Found serenity.