Friday, January 14, 2005

Today's Notes from Underground Part deux

-OUCH. Somebody help me! This badger keeps punching me in the privates and I don't know why. The votes are in and you decided to subject yourself to not only the cerebral but aesthetic Phoenix.

-If you are not actively engaged in selling things on Ebay, your are denying yourself some fairly easy money. After expenses I am taking in about an extra $1500 per month from selling on Ebay. My wares generally include antiques, antiquities, rare books, and vintage clothing. I can see this number moving up to about $2500 per month soon.

-The despicable and criminal George W. Bush, in an excerpt from tonight's Barbara Walters interview, actually comes close to admitting a mistake. He said "I watch what I say now. I said some things in the first term that were probably a little blunt. 'Bring it on' was a little blunt. I was really speaking to our troops, but it came out and had a different connotation, different meanings for others," he told Walters.

Right and 1600 troops have dies and 8,000 wounded since he said it.

More recently, guerrillas in Iraq have used the president's words in a propaganda video narrated in English, according to the Reuters news agency. The narrator of the video says, "George W. Bush, you have asked us to 'bring it on.' And so help me, [we will ] like you never expected. Do you have another challenge?" The video then shows explosions around a U.S. military vehicle.

I rally have no respect for most Americans. They reflect Bush and Bush reflects them.