Friday, January 21, 2005


-So, we are scheduled to get 10-17 inches of snow in NYC today. I think that's alright. We haven't had snow yet this year, and I love NYC in the snow. A quiet comes over the city. All the modern noises are muffled, and its not hard to walk around the older parts of the city downtown and relive the NY of the mid to late 19th century. The cobblestone streets, the wrought iron fronted tenements, the grand facades of the townhouses, courts and churches, the twisting lanes of the old city and the Five Points. And Central Park in the snow is magical, words don't do it justice. I think I'll take a walk back in time tomorrow.

-A trend I have been following in almost every media is an extension of the frigid relations between liberals and conservatives in this country. Its the battle of extrapolated facts and statistics. Every day I see a new one. These are real examples.

FACT: 9 of the 10 highest divorce rates in the country are in Red States. Family values my ass.

FACT: 9 of the 10 highest rates of psychologists per capita are in Blue States, see, liberals are crazy and paranoid.

I am sifting through these to make sense of them. But clearly there is a larger picture here. The old prejudices that city and country folk had for each other has gone high-tech, hyper-critical, and is supported by statistics, facts, and lines of reasoning that we have never seen in this country before.

If you have any of these you can share with me in the comments section I would be most appreciative. I plan on writing more about this.