Tuesday, January 25, 2005

NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND - The Jesus Mortgage Special

As some of my regular readers know, I am something of a minor scholar on comparative religion and mythology. I am also a spiritual person who has found a path to serenity in part through my study and practice of a wide variety of world myths, philosophy and theology, while avoiding the trappings of organized socio-political-cultural-centric organization.

I am a firm believer in the duality of man. That we are at once rational and scientific and spiritual and emotional. I believe that to consciously exclude either side is to leave yourself wanting in terms of being a complete human.

I also believe (like the elders, sages and wise men of the ancient east that it is not my place to try and convince people of any belief of mine, but to only answer questions when asked). I know there are many who disagree with me on that and staunchly deny the spiritual nature of man and many who see nothing but religion and deny the rational scientific part of humnaity, so I am sure I draw the ire of many on both sides.

Like Walt Whitman said in Leaves of Grass. "I accept all faiths and practice all religions." Like Albert Einstein said, "religion, science and the arts are all branches of the same tree."

My studies and beliefs include the pure Christian ideals of absolute compassion, forgiveness, turning the other cheek and finding heaven not in the afterlife, but here on earth (please refer to Joseph Campbell's "Power of Myth" for more on this idea).

Also Tolstoy wrote an amazing essay on how Governments and Churches has obfuscated and corrupted the pure message of love so that they can excuse their behavior toward individuals and peoples.

A recent re-reading of this essay has left me with a thought about what is being done today in this regard.

Things that are currently being done in the name of Christ that make a mockery of his name.


-The integration of the temporal government with the spiritual.

-God Hates Fags

-California based C28 is expanding its wholesale business of Jesus apparel. Auriello Barretto III, head of the company hopes to be in Nordstroms and Macys soon and his first year goal is to position the NOTW (Not of this World) brand in a "couple of hundred" stores.

-I have received SPAM from "Christian Mortgage Lenders" "Christian Banks" "Christian Retailers" and more. All with the sales picth of keeping it in the "family" and dealing with people you can trust. Say, unlike those Jews and Pagans from across the water.

Feel free to add any others as I am compiling a list for a future purpose.