Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Notes from Underground - III

-Last night I was driving back into Manhattan. The bus in front of me had one of those "How am I driving? Good or bad" stickers on it. So, I dialed the number and told the man who answered the phone. "Hi, this is the phoenix, I am entering the Lincoln Tunnel and one of you busses is in front of me. I'd just like to say he is doing a spectacular job of driving. Silence. More silence. Then. "Uhh, thanks, I'll tell the driver you said so." Then, "is this some sort of prank, are you one of those Howard Stern people?" "No sir, just a concerned driver."

-Have you noticed that all of the rallying points and cause celebes of the most virulent and conservative Americans all have to do with sex? Homosexuality, abortion, sodomy, marriage, guns (talk about a phallic symbol of manhood). I think this is an indication of something, I'm not sure what. What do you think?

-I am still amazed that the act of defecating known as "Crapping" comes from the fact that Sir Thomas Crapper invented the flush toilet.