Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Where have all the bloggers gone? I have been checking all the blogs in my link list lately and about 75% haven't had more than 1 new post in the last 7-10 days. I also noticed my visits are way down these last 2 weeks. Was there a no blogging memo I missed? Where is everyone?

Sure, first you all get me hooked, then BAM leave me hanging like a nodding, jonesing junkie.

Okay, back to simply entertaining myself.

Things I think I think.

-I think the war is Iraq is not as bad as I warned it would be more than two years ago, its worse. Any student of ME history knew EXACTLY what the results would be. Can you say Lebanon?

-I think that as much as a sports nut as I am, the hyper commercial, selfish, criminal and anti-social nature of pro-sports is really starting to wear thin with me. The joke of it is that the least anti-social, criminal, selfish and commercial of the sports and my favorite, HOCKEY, is on strike.

-I think I am a European trapped in an American body.

-I think I am finally tired of reading and posting on Internet BBs and message boards. I prefer blogs.

-I think doing business in China is a very complicated and tricky business.

-I think that 90% of the music that is out now is shit and that for the last 10 years "new music" has meant to me going back and discovering more jazz, blues, classical, world I haven't heard before.

-I think I am done now.