Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Things I Think I think Part II

-I think therefore I am. What is philosophy, if nothing more than the questioning of the world and an attempt to explain some of it and put some order to it? Is it really worthless? Is the accumulated knowledge of all history's philosophers, theologians and scientists pointless because we only make our own realities (as Ms. Jane D'oh proposes)?

I tend to think not, because the great thinkers have helped shape the reality that "I make." I accept that there are 1,000 sides to every story because of the nature of the universe, but after all, the great thinkers are the people who have moved human development and knowledge forward, helping to shape my reality one thought and atom at a time.

-I think that life generally is "nasty, brutish and short" and that every day I don't have to deal first hand with hunger, violence or illness is a blessing and I am far ahead of the game in comparison with the vast majority of people who have ever lived.

-I think that I would really like to find a way to fly to London in two weeks for THE POGUES reunion shows at Brixton Academy. Continental Air wants 100,000 FF miles for the flight and I only have 89,000. The cost of buying the extra 11k would be almost equal to a full ticket buy.

-I think living in New York City is still one of the greatest thrills a person can experience. Even after growing up 15 miles from midtown and living here a long time.

-I think that in the end life is just one giant paradox, That is the true nature of humanity. The paradox.