Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The second quality of Buddha-nature possesses bliss (dewa). Buddha-nature is bliss precisely because when we are not interacting with the world from an egocentric viewpoint, we are coming from a point that is open and receptive. We are responding to things rather than reacting. When we operate under the influence of ego, with its selfishness, arrogance, self centeredness, neediness and greed, we become so completely one-directional and fixated that our vision becomes extremely narrowed

The reason the older Buddha's belly is so fat is this. Here he stored all of the acceptance he learned as he got older. He realized the path to a complete and enlightened life was through complete acceptance of life on life's terms.

Louis Armstrong singing in that raspy, ethereal, guttural voice - complimented by the smooth, vibrant, clear sheen of his horn. The sound a hockey puck makes when it hits the back of the net. Walking the Great Wall of China.

Forgetting who and where you are while dancing. Eating with your hands. Standing on pink clouds, tangerine dreams and marshmallow skies. Abandoned in the dessert, the only oasis your mind. Dream jobs and blow jobs. Stream of consciousness binary code. Follow your bliss.