Monday, November 22, 2004

If we mortals of the Earth do take spectral form post-mortem, then no place on earth could have more ghosts than Rome. From the time of Etruscans, to The Roman Empire, the renaissance, no place has seen more people, from more places doing more things than Rome.

Perhaps no place has been the inspiration of, and for, more of man's passions than Rome. Power, wealth, Empire, art, war, music, excess, food, spirituality, holiness, bedevilment - all have lived and died and lived again in Rome for 2500 years and counting.

To know Rome intimately is to know human nature. After having traveled the world extensively, I am left without adequate words to document my mental, physical and spiritual state after four days in Rome. All of my passions come to the fore. I have mentioned them in a previous post.
Tomorrow I leave for Florence and I wll be on guard for the fist symptoms of Stendahl Syndrome.