Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I believe that right now, people around the world are saying "What is wrong with America?" Meaning our government. That their ill-feelings, worries and disbelief at what we have done and become over the last four years is aimed at our extremist rogue leaders.

I believe that if Bush and co. remain in power, that question will change to "What is wrong with Americans."

It will be on us, the people. All of the distrust, loathing, fear, anger and animosity of the world will now be layed at the feet of Americans and not 'America.'

And so it will be deserved in my opinion.

We will have endorsed and kept in power a group of people dedicated to aggressive wars of empire, complete American domination of the world through bullying, fear-mongering and military might, destruction of the environment, a neo-theocratic state of end-times "believers", the trashing of diplomacy, the disregard for the world as a community and a thousand points of ugliness.

One week. 7 Days. 168 hours.

I have written thousands of words online and in print, donated my money and time to the Kerry campaign and have spent countless hours researching, discussing and looking for answers to the issues that bedevil America.

Now, the time for working is done. All I can do is sit back and see how it unfolds.

Tolstoy was a genius in dissecting human nature its relation to the uncontrollable tides of the universe and history (most awesomely in War and Peace).

He made a brilliant case for the idea that leaders and politicians do not made history but only ride the wave that everything that has happened before has created. Their individual caprices and mental states simply create an environment in which they react to the tides of history.

I can only hope that the tides bode well for the causes of truth, justice, equality, peace and harmony between humanity, the animal world, the earth and the stars.