Monday, October 11, 2004

Some folks have been asking me what the meaning of my Blog's title is.

Skinny Legs and All is a novel by Tom Robbins. It is my favorite of his and one of my favorites of all time. It is a comic adventure, an exercise in what amazing things can be done with the English language, a magnificent examination of religion, politics, art and the psyches of a cross section of people from around the world.

The novel is centered around three sets of main characters. An Arab and a Jew who own a restaurant near the U.N., an all-American female artist and her boyfriend (who inadvertently becomes a NY art insider) and, most beautifully and absurdly of all an animated Can of Beans, A Painted Stick and a Spoon who make a cross country and international pilgrimage. Read the book.

Twenty two days until the election. I am worn out mentally, physically and spiritually from this battle. Nonetheless I am finding one last reserve of strength to fight the good fight and try and put the country back in the hands of sane people.

I have found a hilarious site to help me regroup. Remember Bush pleading with Kerry in defense of his "coalition?" YOU FORGOT POLAND!! YOU FORGOT POLAND!!!


Regardless of who you support, I hope you have registered and to vote.