Monday, October 25, 2004

Check in here to vote on this weekend's most gut wrenching display of public pain.

1. ashlee simpson doing her OMG I am so fucked Irish jig

2. Tatiana Totmianina diving head first into the ice at Skate America

3. John Kerry in borrowed fatigues dragging a dead goose in his slightly bloodied hands


LIST of the 10 MOST AMAZING MOMENTS OF LIVE ROCK MUSIC I HAVE EVER WITNESSED (in no particular order) I need separate lists for Jazz, Blues, Classical, World and Street Musicians. I'll work on it.

1. The Pogues with Joe Strummer sitting in on London Calling, I fought the Law and Maggie May at THE RITZ, NYC 1986.

2. Amnesty International Benefit June 1986 (U2, Lou Reed, The Police et. al)

3. The Ramones live at The Ritz, NYC 1985

4. U2, Radio City Music Hall, December 4, 1984

5. Toots and the Maytals, The Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands April 1997

6. The Clash, NYC 1981

7. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, East Rutherford NJ 1985

8. Nirvana/Pearl Jam double bill Seattle, 1991

9. The Grateful Dead, Pittsburgh, PA April 3 1987

10. Blues Traveler, the Wetlands, NYC November 1989

But, but, I have been to more than 300 concerts of 1500 people or more and about another 500 in venues holding less than that. So this list just isn't enough. What about Pink Floyd in 1987 and Roger Waters in 1989? What about the Rolling Stones? What about The Alarm? What about Dylan and Petty? What about the Cure? Perhaps my next list should be of everyone I have seen live.