Wednesday, October 27, 2004

500 Channels of Heresy

"All religion, art and science are branches of the same tree"

-Albert Einstein

Do American conservative literalist "Christians" subscribe to cable TV?

I can't see how they could, in good conscience, move beyond the old six channel broadcast system.

As I was flipping through the channels last night I watched an episode of the fantastic PBS science series NOVA. It was all about the origins of Earth and how it turned from a molten ball of space debris to the life sustaining paradise it is today.

Then I went to the Discovery channel and watched a show about newly discovered Dinosaurs.

Two of the things you need to believe to be an Evangelical/Literalist Christian today are:

1. The Earth and humankind are only 5,000 years old

2. The dinosaurs are fake, they are planted by scientists and if they were real there would be millions of skeletons found by now. Supported by the argument that Carbon Dating is bunk science and false.

I know this because I read their literature and argue with them on Internet bulletin boards and chat groups.

So, as I watched these two programs I reflected on what I see on cable daily.

Dinosaur shows, animal shows that talk about evolution, Sex and the City, CSI (which uses science to solve crimes) and a multitude of shows that just don't jibe with the old or new testaments.

Do these people flip the channels and see a show about evolution, or dinosaurs, or science on A&E, Discovery, PBS, NBC, ABC and Animal Planet and get angry. Do they order their children from the room while they "see what the other side is up to?" Does their blood boil over shows about "sharks that 2 million years ago were 80ft in length."

Or do they simply keep their cable to watch criminal preachers shake them down for their Social Security checks?

How can they stand thousands of hours of heresy broadcast daily?

Science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive. They compliment each other and fill in the gaps each leaves. They are as much a part of the human makeup as water, flesh and bone.

Anyone who believes ONLY in science is as dogmatic and unbalanced as the person who ONLY believes in religion.

I have found that the balance between the rational and scientific with the emotional and spirtual natures of being human leads to a balanced, serene and complete life of full consciousness and enlightenment.

Maybe I can get a cable show about it.