Monday, September 20, 2004


Today I start this blog. Today's entry may very well turn out to be the headwaters of a Yangste River of verbiage, discourse, opinions, feelings and observations. It may very well be singularly of interest to me, and that's fine. I don't have a clear idea of where all this belongs (both in terms of my mind and in the blogging universe) and I have a feeling there is way too much of this sort of thing out there already. But, nonetheless, I am going forward. I will keep this as a journal of my daily observations, musings, thoughts, ambitions, fears and passions. I will write it, I will read it, I will laugh at it and if anyone else decides to join in that is fine.

I dedicate this blog to the spirit of change, self-examination and of learning on a micro and macro level.

On the off chance someone else does read this (and in the spirit of self examination) I will talk a bit about who I am.

I am a single male living and working in NYC. I am a curious, reflective and passionate person (or so I think when I think). My greatest achievement in life was to change and grow as time has gone on.

My passions are many and varied.

Travel (25 countries and 46 US States so far)
Music (Old Punk, Reggae, classic Rock, Ethnic and World, Jazz, Blues, Classical)
Reading (Especially 19th century English, Russian, French and American literature, philosophy and poetry)
Collecting (Antiquities, Antiques, Prints, Newspapers, Asiana)
My Career ( I am in International business - mostly in Asia)
Writing (I have been published in US Newspapers and Magazines)
spirituality (I am a Joseph Campbell devotee and have studied world myth, religion and symbolism for 15 years
Sports (Playing and Watching)

Some of the greatest and most amazing things I have done and seen in my lifetime include hiking the Great Wall of China, taking a helicopter onto a glacier in the mountains of Alaska, floating on the Dead Sea and driving across the US.

I went to University in the US.

I worked in the high tech industry for 9 years before getting into international trade. These are two of my companies: Shanghai Direct Inc and Airborne Leathers
I look forward to sharing my thoughts, experiences and opinions with you.