Saturday, September 25, 2004

Like Winston Churchill said. "Democracy is the worst possible form of government, except for
all the other that have been tried."

PLEASE everyone, get educated and participate in democracy. Speak, write, read, vote. The future is in the balance. November 2 is close at hand and the deadline for registering is at hand.



Yesterday I had an amazing chance to ponder the nature of life and death, the interconnectedness of human and animal life to the universe at large and was presented with and interesting existential choice.

All life feeds off death. All death is the seed of life.

I looked on the ground and saw an earthworm struggling for life. It was covered with black ants who were clearly trying to subdue it and bring it home for dinner. I asked myself, should I sweep the ants off and move the worm away and save his life? Or leave this natual drama to its natural conclusion? Do I take my vow not to kill any living creature by my own hand and extend it to saving the life of another?

A rainstorm may have done the saving of the worm. So why not I as the third party variable in the beautiful and equal relationship of life and death?

Ultimately I decided to let them be. It is impossible to say that I would have been making a positive contribution to nature with such an action. Perhaps an ant would be injured. Perhaps they would starve.

Good things are achieved through good means. If they are not to be achieved through good means, the end cannot be good.

In this instance it was impossible to say what the good end was and therefore the good means could not be determined.